• NYX Award, Grand Winner (two categories), 2021

  • Muse Creative Awards Winner (three categories), 2021

What Do You See?, Ceros
(Getty Partnerships)

Ceros worked with Getty Images to promote new gallery collections that take a more authentic and inclusive approach toward representation. Ceros created a multi-award, winning interactive landing page that was impactful and relatable.

  • NYX Marcom, Gold Winner, 2021

Mop Pad Quiz, Ceros
Contec, a manufacturer of industrial cleaners, asked Ceros to help create a B2B campaign that would simplify the complexity of calculating the sustainability of their product. To this end, I helped create a fun quiz that distilled otherwise dry data into something snackable and engaging. 

The AI-Powered Hospital, Ceros
(Olive AI)

Olive AI wanted to demonstrate to those in the hospital C-suite that their AI-powered software provides far-reaching efficiencies across the entire hospital eco-system. To illustrate this point, Ceros created an interactive website with a virtual hospital, whereby users could click on different departments and pull up easily consumable data about the advantages of integrating Olive to an array of teams. 

  • Webby Award Honoree, 2018

  • Knotch Supernormal Awards Runner Up, 2017

The Future of Language, OZY
(Hulu, The Handmaid's Tale)

For the launch of their seminal, Emmy-Award winning original series, Hulu wanted to reach literary audiences, Margaret Atwood fans and people that are politically engaged. We created several stories, including a Webby-honored dystopian immersive feature that imagines what the future will look like when a time capsule that contains an unpublished Margaret Atwood novel is opened in 100 years time. 

  • Webby Award Nominee, 2017

  • Knotch Supernormal Awards Winner, 2017

The Making of a Cult, OZY
(Hulu, The Path)

Hulu wanted to drive awareness to the second season of its (literal) cult classic, The Path, which follows a a defector (Aaron Paul) from a Scientology-like group, and the rise of the religion's charismatic leader (Hugh Dancy). We created an immersive feature that looks at cult life from several vantage points. It was ultimately nominated for a Webby and won a Knotch Supernormal Award. 

  • Knotch Supernormal Awards Winner, 2018

Podcast: It Started With $1, OZY
(Ally Financial)​

Ally Financial wanted a product that encouraged financial empowerment and money mindfulness, so we created two products: A podcast that featured successful entrepreneurs who launched their businesses with little to no startup capital; and a video series using stop gap animation that illustrated how a handful of passion-driven self starters turned their love into a business venture. The podcast won the Knotch Supernormal Award for Best Use of Content in Experiential and Audio. 

Rooted, Facebook Watch Series, OZY
(Belvedere Vodka)

Belvedere Vodka wanted to align its brand with trendy, Millennial foodies. So my team created a Facebook Watch series in which our in-house food expert creates plant-based dishes with unique ingredients, like pitcher plants and king oyster mushrooms. The series attracted 250K views per episode.

The First Timers, OZY
(Chase Auto Finance)

Chase Bank's auto loan division wanted to establish itself up as an expert in car-buying, while also connecting with potential lenders on an emotional level. My team created a video series in which first-time car buyers get advice from a dynamic Chase Auto expert. I also oversaw production on a podcast series in which influencers (athlete Chris Webber, actress Kate Micucci) reminisce about the first car they ever owned.

College Covered
(Discover Student Loans)

Discover Student Loans approached OZY to create a content hub with information about college applications and student loans. I launched a site that updates weekly with stories and videos aimed at students, parents and college counselors. I oversaw the editorial calendar, and built a team of writers, editors, video and podcast producers to create engaging content. 

OZY Guest Editor: The Tick, OZY
(Amazon, The Tick)

To promote their original, live action series The Tick, Amazon wanted to integrate the main character into current events. We built animated custom creative in which The Tick popped up as a guest editor across our content, and gave commentary using his distinctive voice and humor. We also created a series of emails in The Tick's voice to build excitement for the season launch. 

GE On Digital Industry, OZY 

In order to build awareness of GE’s innovations in 3D printing, we ran a series of articles and newsletters about the many ways that additive manufacturing is changing industry and shaping the future. These were some of the most popular stories to run on OZY, and garnered up to 14K shares per story.

Good Business Creates Good, OZY
(JPMorgan Chase)

I launched a year-long weekly newsletter for JPMorgan Chase that emphasized the company’s investments and innovations. In addition to picking themes that resonated both with JPMC’s and OZY’s audiences, I commissioned and edited two stories per week, maintained the editorial calendar and worked across our photo, design and marketing departments to send out a compelling email.  

Before They Were ISIS, OZY
(National Geographic, The State)

National Geographic wanted to create buzz and generate discussion around their controversial original mini-series, The State, a fiction show that follows several ISIS recruits to defect to Syria. Following the show’s lead, we wanted to portray the effect ISIS has on the families who lose loved ones to extremism. We create a feature in which we interviewed parents whose children joined ISIS.